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Time to Listen, Learn, Write and Own

Have you ever dealt with a salesman who was intent on selling you his solution? No matter how many questions or needs you brought up he had an answer as to why his product could take care of you. CF Webtools will listen to your needs. We will take the time to understand your business and your goals. Your web site or application is important to us. We function as a technology partner interested in your success.

CF Webtools L.L.C. was started in 2000 in Omaha, Nebraska. The company is owned by Mark and Ann Kruger. In 20 years of operations we have grown from a one-man shop to an ever-increasing team of over 30 employees. Our client-base has increased to over 100 actively engaged development clients and over 90 hosting clients.

Our 2020 growth plans call for an increased focus on support, managed cloud hosting solutions and IT consultation for our clients. Our staff are experts at spearheading initiatives to modernize your IT infrastructure, re-architecting custom software applications and in integrating new commercial solutions. We are committed to evaluating the evolving needs of our clients as well as exploring, recommending and implementing revenue and enhancement growth opportunities for our partners.



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Mark Kruger - Owner

Mark Kruger is a recognized guru on Internet technologies. Starting as a network engineer, Mark became an expert Cold...

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Ann Kruger - Vice President of Human Resources

Ann is part owner of CF Webtools and she handles the myriad of insurance and HR related issues that surround maintain...

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Thomas (Tom) Long - VP of Business Development

Tom Long has spent the last 30 years problem solving and innovating solutions for his clients.

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Rachel Williams - Administrative Assistant/Graphic Design

Rachel joined CF Webtools in January of 2018. Rachel graduated in 2017 from Colorado Mountain College.

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Kurt Wagoner - Project Development Director

Kurt joined the Project Management Team at CF Webtools in December of 2011. He comes from a 10 year Finance backgroun...

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Chris Tierney - Director of Operations

Since July of 2008, Chris has been a solid contributor to our success.  A ColdFusion application developer since...

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Wil Genovese - Chief Systems Architect

Wil Joined the CF Webtools team January 2011. Wil has twenty plus years of experience in web application develop...

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Jim Keen - Account Manager and Marketing

Jim joined the Project Management/Marketing team at CF Webtools in January of 2018. Jim has extensive project managem...

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Aaron Longnion - Senior Developer

Aaron is from Austin, Texas and has been developing web applications since 2000 and started with ColdFusion 5 in 2002...

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Alycen Vance Treloar - Sr. ColdFusion Developer & DBA

September of 2010 brought us Alycen! Her strong background includes a great combination of high-availability, best-pr...

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Amy Langston - Senior DB Specialist

Amy Langston has worked as a full stack developer and data manager for over 20 years.

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Andrew Mayfield - Sr. ColdFusion Developer

Andrew has been writing ColdFusion for almost 8 years now.

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Brian Meloche - Senior Developer

Brian joined the CF Webtools team in October 2019 and has been doing web development since 1997, developing largely w...

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Bryan Anderson - Senior Developer

Bryan has been developing in ColdFusion since 1998. Over the years, he has also worked in PHP, Ruby on Rails and Pyth...

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Chris Pittillo - Sr. Full Stack Developer

Chris joined the CF Webtools team in September 2017 bringing a wide variety of knowledge and experience in full-stack...

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Dana Kowalski - Senior Developer

Dana joined the CF WebTools team in July 2018, and has been involved in web application development since 1999. Dana ...

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Geoffrey Bentz - Sr. ColdFusion Developer

Geoffrey joined the CF Webtools team in March 2015 and has been involved in internet development since 2006.

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George Meng - FLEX, AIR & Sr. ColdFusion Developer

George has been working in Windows, Web and RIA development for over 20 years. He has experience in ColdFusion, Adobe...

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Jae Jung - Senior Developer

Jae Jung brings more than 20 years of experience in software development, project management and technical consulting...

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Jake Churchill - Sr. ColdFusion Developer

Jake is an Advanced ColdFusion and Flex developer. He is also extremely proficient in Farcry CMS development, SQL, Aj...

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Jason Hyman - Sr. Web Application Developer

Jason joined the CF Webtools team in November 2011 and has been involved in internet development since 2005. He is ex...

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Joel Richards - Sr. ColdFusion Developer

Joel joined CF Webtools in May 2019, and has been developing web applications in ColdFusion since 1999.

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Joshua Ring - Senior Developer & Operations

Grew up in a small town in Iowa about 30 minutes east of Omaha. Moved to Omaha in 2002. Been developing in ColdFusion...

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Lonnie Ramirez - Senior Developer

Lonnie joined CF Webtools in February of 2019 but has been developing web applications since 2013.

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Mark Davis - Sr. ColdFusion Developer

Mark has been developing web applications since 1999, and using CF since version 4 in 2000. Mark founded and led the ...

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Mary Jo Sminkey - Sr. ColdFusion Developer

Mary Jo Sminkey has been doing web application development for over 15 years. She is particularly skilled in the area...

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Mel Williams - Sr. Web Application Developer

Mel started her programming career working on mainframes preparing for Y2K in 1999. Later in 2000 she moved on to web...

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Mike Letson - Senior Developer

Mike has been developing web applications since 2000, and using Coldfusion since version 4.5.

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Mike Provoost - Senior Developer

Mike has been developing web applications since 2000, starting with ColdFusion 4.5 and continuing on from there.

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Rachael Malberg - Sr. Developer

Rachael has been involved in internet development for over 18 years! She has experience in AWS cloud architecture and...

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Rob Barthle - Senior Developer

Rob has been developing web applications since 1996, and using CF since version 4.5.

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Rodney Bryant - Senior Developer/Operations

Rodney has nearly 20 years of programming and systems administration experience, with...

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Shane Heasley - Senior ColdFusion Developer

Shane has been coding, developing, and administering professionally since 1999.

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Steven Neiland - Senior Developer

"Originally from Cork Ireland, Steven began his career as a PHP developer before making the switch to ColdFusion...

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Teresa Fairchild - Sr. ColdFusion Developer

Teresa joined the CF Webtools crew in 2019 and has over a decade of web development experience from working with loca...

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