How To Make Your Client Into Your Partner Instead Of Your Adversary -- By :Alycen Vance Treloar
Posted On:12/24/2020

It’s happened to all of us at some point in our development career. In the middle of a project and you realize that you and the client are constantly butting heads instead of getting things done. It’s a frustrating situation and it can lead to bad feelings and a loss in productivity for you both. It can even cause the loss of the contract. Since neither of you want that (they hired you to get the job done, after all!), here are some tips for keeping that relationship healthy.

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The Joe Dilemma – What To Do When Your Lead Developer Leaves -- By :Tom Long
Posted On:01/07/2021

Meet Joe. Joe is a key player in the development of your ColdFusion applications. He has been at your company forever and pioneered your entire system.

It was Joe who took the initiative to move your applications from desktop and onto the web. For 20 years, Joe has reviewed new updates and kept your tech stack up to date, even adding new features and fixing bugs.

Then one day out of the blue… Joe decides to drop a bomb. He wants to retire and move to Tahiti.

What are you going to do now with the ongoing pandemic and change in the landscape of business as we know it?

This my friends is the “Joe Dilemma”.

What are you going to do without Joe? How are you going to keep up with software changes and the never ending support questions from junior developers?

He held your tech stack together through thick and thin.

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