Mark Kruger

Mark Kruger is a recognized guru on Internet technologies. Starting as a network engineer, Mark became an expert ColdFusion programmer in 1998. He started CF Webtools in 1999. Mark writes a blog on ColdFusion called ColdFusion Muse that is widely read among other developers. Mark has been a featured speaker at a number of conferences on Internet technology. He is also the founder and manager of the Nebraska ColdFusion User Group.

Chris Tierney

Since July of 2008, Chris has been a solid contributor to our success.  A ColdFusion application developer since 1997, he is now the Director of Operations. He and his team focus on generating, maintaining and migrating on-premise, data center, and cloud infrastructure. Focus includes, but is not limited to, Adobe ColdFusion, and Microsoft SQL Server servers along with the underlying infrastructure to support it.  As a Certified Solutions Architect for Amazon Web Services (AWS), he has a wealth of knowledge and experience with implementing cloud-based solutions.  Chris is also the AWS Meetup organizer for Omaha and actively participates in both physical and virtual user groups and training.

Wil Genovese

My name is Wil Genovese and I've been using CFML since 1998. There, now I've confessed. I started with the web in 1996, but I started programming in 1984 and had been BBSing since 1992. I started using Homesite 1.5 in 1996 and I actually paid Nick Bradbury $25 dollars for version 2.0. I became active on Nick's Homesite support forums and continued on the forums when Allaire bought Homesite and hired Nick. I was invited to be member of Team Allaire in 1997 or 1998. I can't remember which. Around summer of 1998 I started learning ColdFusion 3.0. By December of 1998 I had my first ColdFusion job and I've been coding CFML ever since. Almost, there was a year of PHP when a former employer switched over. I am now a Sr. Web Application Programmer. My side skills include Linux systems administration and DB skills relating to PostgreSQL server. I run my own servers from my home which is where this blog and the rest of my websites, email, DB, file, DNS and svn servers are located. Why do I do that? Because it's fun! What else do you expect from geek.