Jeff Jones - Senior Developer

Jeff joined the CF Webtools team in August 2021. Jeff's ColdFusion development started in 2001 with Allaire ColdFusion 4.52. Through the years he has also worked with PHP, often in connection to ColdFusion.  Jeff has worked in a wide array of industries, maintaining enterprise level applications.  He has worked with education, medical, federal, gaming and retail logistics to name a few.  Jeff is also quite proficient in SQL, starting with SQL 2000.  He also has worked with MySQL extensively through the years.


Jeff married his wife in April of 2012.  He and his wife Lisa have 3 dogs (Hope, Grace and Diesel) and 2 cats (Obi Wan and Vader).  Both Jeff and Lisa are animal lovers and hope to start a non-profit in the future to assist homeless, but especially targeting those that keep pets. Jeff is a native of Washington state where he spent the majority of the first 39 years of his life.  He lived in Southern California for 5 years and now resides in Durham, NC.


In his spare time, Jeff helps his wife with her business and is active in his church.  He also enjoys reading, watching movies and occasionally playing poker.