CF Webtools Hosting Services

We offer "Managed" hosting services.  CF Webtools is not a commodity hosting company like GoDaddy.  We will not simply provide you with a spot on the internet to plunk down your files and resolve your domain.  We won't offer you a confusing admin panel where you may have to navigate a variety of difficult control panels to install software, DNS, FTP, datasources, web service, jar files and the like.  We step in and do it all for you.

You may pay more for our hosting service, but you will never have to migrate your database or configure your FTP accounts.  Our hosting customer service is also highly rated - when you call us you'll speak with one of our professionals immediately, unlike trying to reach someone at a GoDaddy-like hosting center.

Obviously, we offer different levels of hosting services from simple shared server hosting to complex dedicated multi-server hosting.  Our very basic shared hosting plans begin at $60/month and can range up to $150/month for CMS hosting.  We advocate Mura as the CMS of choice, but can host home-grown CMS and other commercial platforms.

Our Hosting and Code Policies

Before considering hosting with CF Webtools you should know that we keep tight controls on the Coldfusion and ASP.NET code that goes onto our servers. As a "boutique" managed host about 90% of our sites are running code that we developed on behalf of the customer. The rest of the sites are running closely monitored code written by trusted 3rd party developers with whom we have established a relationship. We prefer to work directly with your developer to get you up and running. If you do not have a developer, please consider using CF Webtools as your primary development provider.

Supporting Hosting Specifications

Windows 2008 R2Linux Centos 6.0 and 5.0 ColdFusion Versions: 8, 9, 10, 11 DB: MS SQL 2005 & 2008 MySQL 5.6 SmarterMail Enterprise 8.4

Our facitlity features: key-card access only security, 30-minute battery back-up, automatic power supply cut-over to a natural gas generator should an electrical failure occur, dual additional cooling units, 24-hour on-call emergency staff.

It's All In the Details...

CF Webtools invoices all of our hosting clients on an annual basis.

Payment for the set-up and first year's hosting services is expected prior to the beginning of work.

A setup fee is normally charged to cover the time which can take from an hour to several hours to setup a new web site depending upon the requirements. We use this fee to defray the cost of DNS changes, email configuration, provisioning server resources, configuring Apache or IIS, and configuring your database and datasources.

There may be additional "migration" costs if you do not already have a developer. Migration costs differ from the setup fee. Migrating an existing site often requires careful examination of the current site to cover all requirements, writing a database synchronization script to maintain data integrity and file synchronization to insure the latest files are included as part of the new site. If you engage CF Webtools to perform the migration, the costs are covered under a separate Block-Hours Agreement.