The Wireless communications industry is a complex universe of options and choices for today’s consumer. The mega-trends in communications have fundamentally changed the way people communicate. Using ColdFusion, CF Webtools has a team that produces efficient code for one of the largest third-party retail sales and support processes for wireless products and services in the world. Intricate collaboration is involved with major carriers – Verizon, AT&T, Sprint and T*Mobil – through this third-party provider, to build and maintain sophisticated admin tools and public-facing pages. The scope of the admin tool includes but isn’t limited to: tracking inventory, tracking brands, managing products within brands, managing campaigns, managing sales and reporting data. A nifty, customized e-commerce solution is also in place too.



The Education sector is widely diverse. As such, the demands for web applications have such a wide spectrum that it takes developers who are “fleet of foot” to support the requirements. With ColdFusion serving as the foundation, CF Webtools team creates clean, organized and well commented code that supports diverse processes and systems. Our expertise has contributed to building specific functionality which includes maintaining a subscription based e-learning product, maintaining an admin side management toolset, sustaining and improving an assessment results tracking module and implementing new functionality to support further professional development for educators as required.



We love to support the enterprising entrepreneur who has a vision AND a budget to birth that vision. Startups can offer the best opportunity for creating that code-base we all dream of: well structured, highly organized, sublimely efficient, intuitive and scalable. However, the reality of the matter is that (usually) the moo-la doesn’t match the dream. CF Webtools team will work closely with you even before the first line of code is ever written. Our owner, Mark Kruger, has an uncanny ability (some say it’s a “gift”) to see the big picture and verbalize the best options regarding IT strategies and your budget. Mark will invariably pitch in with his thoughts during these pre-coding conferences.



CF Webtools has an impressive footprint in supporting the financial sector using ColdFusion. The financial industry is incredibly dynamic and as such tends to use ColdFusion to its maximum potential.  CF Webtools maintains mission-critical code and servers, consuming streaming quotes and a host of financial data to help our clients achieve their business objectives.  Our roots in this sector go deep as our founder and first 3 employees all cut their teeth on financial applications for DTN Telvent (subsequently a customer of ours). Our historical experience working with charting applications, fundamentals, technicals and aggregate stock, options and commodities feeds leads to rapid applications development in this space. You will have to tell us what you want but you will not have to explain a covered call or drone on about moving averages or buy signals. We have a pool of in-house institutional knowledge that helps us leap ahead to your specific requirements. We also have extensive experience with 401K programming, defining benefits, and portfolio rebalancing. Our Project Management team loves developing sophisticated systems that are easy-to-use but have a solid and scalable foundation.


Industrial and Manufacturing

Our footprint in the industrial and manufacturing industry primarily revolves around building tools to do the “heavy-lifting” using ColdFusion. CF’s rapid application development resulting in a shorter time to market delivery is an appealing trait our clients in this industry require. CF Webtools excels at end-to-end, complex systems development. We are experts at building warranty management systems, vehicle ordering applications, vehicle inventory and management systems, dealer locator systems and connecting appropriate aspects of these various systems together to produce long-term solutions for our clients. Furthermore, CF Webtools provides on-going maintenance and enhancement development for these systems. Besides RAD, ColdFusion ties quite economically to 3rd party REST APIs which we leverage to our clients’ advantage. The “baked in” tools of the ColdFusion application server, (ex. Event gateway functionality), further provide us the ability to save time in development. Our support doesn’t stop with the tools we build, though, as CF Webtools also provides front-end support for multiple, exciting heavy-equipment brochure sites!



Portals and bagels! What a concept. CF Webtool’s industry leading ColdFusion experts augment a team of highly skilled in-house developers to provide every system required to efficiently support a $15MIL revenue a year insurance provider. When we say every system we mean EVERY SYSTEM from front-end client-facing pages to an intricate agent portal to marketing reports to financial analysis to whatever makes this company keep on ticking year after year after year. Enhancements and needs are prioritized based upon intense communications between the IT team and end users.



CF Webtools Project Management team works closely and listens attentively to our clients in the marketing arena to provide intelligent solutions in this challenging industry. Our experts leverage the built-in tools ColdFusion has to offer to provide state-of-the art, efficient code. CRM systems, campaign management systems, Social Media integration, SEO tools, email Marketing systems, DB engineering, industry research and statistics systems, integrating 3rd party APIs, and payment gateway support are few of the many daily systems and processes that CF Webtools builds and maintains.



We embrace non-profits and fully support them with our ColdFusion proficiency. Working with non-profits, we understand the cash flow challenges and pace our development “burn rate” to match the client-set budget. CF Webtools has been instrumental in building sites end-to-end, creating structured support for user’s account and the co-responding admin tool to manage users, customizing e-commerce solutions and implementing client designs. We find that many Non-Profits benefit from our staff of knowledgeable IT experts in terms of planning a long-term strategic roadmap for their organizations.



CF Webtools has vast experience in this sector. Over the past three years we have literally programmed nearly 7,000 hours in support of clients in this space. ColdFusion lends itself well to the type of complex systems required to support our clients in this field. It is robust enough to handle the heavy database usage we see our clients requiring. From customized ERP and CRM systems to advanced testing facility web-site support, CF Webtools tackles all the heavy lifting required to maintain secure and smooth 24/7 operations.


Professional Services

This broad spectrum requires business acumen, comprehensive technical knowledge and just plain ‘ole common sense to provide service exceeding our client’s expectations. A typical day at CF Webtools involves knowledge-sharing amongst our crack staff of ColdFusion developers covering such topics as best practices, smartest technology to use to accomplish ‘XYZ’, or even better yet, input from the grand old Guru himself – Mark Kruger. Our clients in this space offer us unique challenges as the tools and systems they use are generally customized to the “Nth” degree with legacy code which never really seems to be commented adequately! We enjoy the opportunity to engage with new clients in this arena and to learn about their businesses and how they succeed doing business the way they do business.


Retail and ecommerce

Yes, believe it or not, you can build a successful ecommerce system using ColdFusion (with whistles and bells, even!). From classic auto parts to jewelry to firearms to coffee and underwear we’ve been there. As light-hearted as this all sounds, we all know that ecommerce systems and the supporting admin and ancillary systems touching the ecommerce system are very, very intricate and complex. The support structures we’ve offered to these clients includes CF Webtools providing 100% of the support to CF Webtools providing assets assisting the client’s in-house resources. CF Webtools also provides server configuration/tuning as well as security services for many of our ecommerce clients.


Sports and Travel

CF Webtools ColdFusion experts creates the support structure for a nationally known high-school athletic website provider. Support for importing a massive data feed to allowing users to use a scheduling system, use an email blast system, access and upload photos, and more are all required. In addition, in the travel industry, CF Webtools has built end-to-end booking systems incorporating multiple web-services, creating a sophisticated admin tool and assisting in the on-going maintenance of such systems.


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Under Armour

CF Webtools provided ColdFusion development support for UA's highly complex ecommerce platform.  Founded in 1996 by former University of Maryland football player Kevin Plank, Under Armour is the originator of performance apparel - gear engineered to keep athletes cool, dry and light throughout the course of a game, practice or workout.

Wall Street Magnate

You've heard of fantasy football?  Well, welcome to the world of fantasy stock trading.  We created an app, did a complete redesign of the entire site for a new 2.0 look, have provided multiple upgrades to the site including a real-time dashboard in the member profile view, implementation of many AJAX interactions, important social integration with Facebook and have completed many code optimizations which make the site run even faster despite the much richer interface.

Arbor Day Foundation

CF Webtools began working with the venerable Arbor Day Foundation in 2009. We are currently handling strategic programming planning and high level consulting for ARBF.  Show our planet some love - plant a tree today!

Rex / First Comp / Markel

CF Webtools provides two types of support for Markel/First Comp.  Working closely with the great marketing department at (the old "REX") CF Webtools designed and implemented both First Comp and Rex's Mura sites.  We also provide a team of developers that augment Markel's in-house ColdFusion staff maintaining their complex intranet, databases and enterprise level programs they use to run their business.

Classic Industries

From site redesign, to implementing complex SEO solutions, building a sophisticated custom ecommerce solution, DB architecture with hundreds of stored procs, as well as general site maintenance and new functionality implementation, CF Webtools has done it all for our friends at Classic Industries.


PharmSource is a respected provider of business intelligence on contract drug development and manufacture. CF Webtools provides ColdFusion and .NET development resources to Pharmsource.  Pharmsource helps pharmaceutical and biotechnology companies implement and manage sourcing strategies and programs and they also provide business development products and services to companies that serve the pharma industry.

Best Year Yet

From design implementation to hosting to functional enhancements and technical consultation, we provide a complete array of IT support for Best Year Yet.


Catering Creations

CF Webtools provided complete technical and design support to launch the highly acclaimed Catering Creations new website in the summer of 2017.

NEI Global Relocation

NEI Global relocation handles the relocation needs of fortune 500 companies all over the world. This international site features a wide array of award-winning tools for handling employee relocation including expense reports, local and regional assets and vendor affiliates, and extensive reporting. CF Webtools has managed all aspects of this toolset for the last 14 years.

Missing Money

Missing Money has been featured on national news programs. The site allows visitors to search for funds remaining in forgotten accounts throughout the country. CF Webtools has been tasked with all ongoing changes to the site code since 2007. Missing Money is owned by Xerox.

Big Teams

CF Webtools served as the primary development provider for Big Teams from 2008 - 2015. This suite of over 200 sites caters to athletic departments all over the country. Athletic directors, coaches and boosters use the individual sites to keep up on game times, scores and stats.

Nebraska Public Health Labratory

CF Webtools provides application development, support and maintenance for two UNMC sites - both connected with the Med Center Lab - (Nbraska Public Health Lab) and (Regional Pathology Services).

Mid-States Utilities

CF Webtools initial support for Mid-States Utility was converting their in-house, mission-critical admin tool which manages their inventory system from an outdated, underperforming Access DB to a scalable MSSQL DB.  During the course of this conversion we also addressed security issues, implemented coding standards to correct poor performance issues and enhanced site usability by redesigning the front end with a new toolkit with smarter navigation, better user/group management logic and consolidation of tools into single tools with options to tease out data logically.  We now provide regular maintenance as well as hosting for MSU.

Elisa Ilana

This is actually a family of sites selling custom jewelry. Customers can order braclets, necklaces and charms with specifc beads and gems in a unique twist on conventional jewelry. For a decade, CF Webtools served as the sole development provider for Elisa Ilana.  With 80% of their revenue coming through their family of web sites, uptime and reliability are important. CF Webtools provided real-time support, database tuning, and ongoing Coldfusion development as Elisa Ilana continued to grow quickly.

Compound Stock Earnings

Compound Stock Earnings is a highly successful site featuring a large suite of tools that a subscriber can use to find and execute covered call trades (a method of hedging stock trades with offsetting option positions). The site features screening tools for locating possible trades and a massive advanced charting application written using Flex. The site handles thousands of subscribers and is growing on a monthly basis.

Lincoln Financial Group

In January of 2005 CF Webtools became involved in a project with Lincoln financial's "AMG" group to migrate an existing legacy application to the newest version of ColdFusion. The application is a complex web based retirement planning and account management application that includes public facing tools, client facing tools and internal customer service level tools. The application tapped into a legacy HP e3000 server using an ODBC driver to mimic SQL calls to the file based subsytem.

The application was written for CF 4.5 and suffered from scalability issues. CF Webtools developed a coding application framework and standard that was suitable for CFMX and tailored to this particular application. In tandem with the AMG developers CF Webtools recoded the application from a mass of lengthy scripts to a cohesive group of code with logical separation between the data layer and the display layer. This project demonstrates the breadth of high level expertise at CF Webtools.


CF Webtools provided development support for HPCRM in the realm of expert DB engineering and maintenance, sophisticated web-tool CRM development services and ever expanding client-side development services.

EV World

Long time CF Webtools friend Bill Moore is the Managing Editor of the worlds premier site focused on Electronic Vehicles. Bill and his cadre of bloggers and contributers live and breathe green technology - everything from batteries to solar power to new ways of thinking about energy altogether. This amazing site is chock full of green goodness. CF Webtools hosts EV World on a dedicated server as of July 2008.

ISI Technologies / Deliver Media

ISI Edge is an amazingly innovative company serving the sales force of a typical business. Through the application suite designed and built by CF Webtools, ISI Edge allows a sales force to leverage the power of email to attract new and existing customers. Far from a typical Internet email marketing scheme, ISI Edge's digital brochure system allows users to view a company's literature in a brilliant interactive flash (back in it's "heyday") format. Access and viewing patterns are tracked on a per user, per salesman, per campaign basis for in-depth reporting. The system allows a sales manager to create an incentive campaign for marketing to his customers as well.

Stevens-Ness Law Publishing Company

Stevens-Ness approached CF Webtools to perform a hosting migration for them.  After we completed the migration, Stevens-Ness engaged CF Webtools to provide ColdFusion programming support for their web site.  Initially, we worked through a list of bugs SN compiled, as well as performed code analysis and implemtation to stabilize site performance.  Thereafter we jumped into further strategic IT consulting regarding security and scalability.  Working closely with Stevens-Ness we developed a custom ecommerce solution for purchasing electronic and hard copy legal documents and forms.  Today, we happily provide further feature enhancements and site maintenance for our friends at Stevens-Ness Law Publishing Company.

Studio Scivoletto

CF Webtools converted a very basic, text-based reservation booking system and rebuilt it from the ground up with a slick graphical interface.  This interface allows for quick and easy data entry involvoing booking rooms across hundreds of integrated Bed and Breakfasts providers.  Scalability was a foremost consideration here as the architecture will allow for hundreds of any size of hotels to be added to the network seamlessly.  Tools for the Bed and Breakfast owners were built for them to efficiently manage their properties.  We also built corresponding admin tools complete with error logging, audit tools and developer tools.  The site is bilingual and easily changes from Italian to English.