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  1. Jobs Galore Come One and All

    To Apply for any of the jobs listed please email a resume to or call 402-408-3733 extension 126.

    We are looking for 3 possibly 4 folks to hire at the moment. All of our positions are remote work but you must reside in the U.S. with the right to work in the U.S. Read to the end - I'll try to keep you entertained. It will help if you think I look vaguely like Russel Crowe... I mean in Gladiator... not... not Russel Crowe now. But I digress.

    What is a CFWT Guru?

    As you know, CF Webtools knows all things ColdFusion - so if you are an enthusiast as well as a good CF programmer, we may be the place for you. But we are also hiring for sys-ops, Golang, ReactJS, and even C#/.NET - so there's plenty of opportunities right now. For you to thrive in our culture, here are a few things you should be able to do:

    • You should be able to set up and maintain multiple local environments on your own with a minimum of assistance. This means if you are someone who has a "it-must-be-done-this-way" idea of programming (no judgment) we may be the wrong spot for you. ;)
    • You should be able to work with SVN or GIT (and we probably don't need your apologetic discourse on why GIT is better). We love GIT as well, let's move on.
    • You should be able to maintain a positive attitude - we interact with respect and gentle humor. We love and encourage each other. We are striving for an inclusive and caring culture.
    • You should routinely maintain and enhance your skills set - you will be given the opportunity to work on lots of code, different versions, platforms, integrations, libraries, and SDLC organization and procedure. Every one of these is a growth opportunity. If that just made you say "ooh!!" then we are a good fit.
    • You should either have or be seeking balance - We like devs who have a full life. If you enjoy fencing, equestrian sports, skydiving, guitar playing, dog training, macrame, Golf, racquetball, Mandarin, Politics (careful!), family outings, child-rearing, school plays, choirs, baking (all activities enjoyed by folks on our team) then we think those things make you a better developer! We are not looking for folks who can't put down their laptop and smell the roses. It's not about our profit margin, it's about creating margin for YOU to enjoy life and family.
    If this seems like a fit for you then read on brave adventurer.


    Job 1 - ReactJS and/or Go

    We have a high-quality 4 person team working on a great product. React and Go are a part of the product stack and we are looking to add some additional devs to that team focusing on react/go. If you have both of those - your hired! Wait... I'm being told by my exec team I can't say that. We have to interview you first. Still, it will be a real plus if you have both. But even if you only have one of those languages in your toolkit, give me a shout and we'll chat about it. Some additional info:

    • ReactJS 16.8 - experience using React hooks would be a major plus.
    • Main dev environment should be a MAC or Linux
    • Docker expertise (for Golang especially).
    • Experience writing Golang LAMDA would be a plus as well if you are a Go person. (a Go-gert? Go-pher?)
    • Scrum team with GIT, QA, functional specs and the whole nine yards, so the ability to work in sprints on a team is important. We always look for high communicators. We'll even take oversharers.
    Folks on this team really love it. It's engaging and interesting and contains ginormous brains who love to share and noodle together.


    Job 2 - CF + Node/VueJS

    We have a fantastic opportunity for someone who is an advanced ColdFusion developer (proficient and knowledgeable - we'll test you), and is also expert in:

    • PostGresSQL - this is more than "Oh it's a lot like MySQL" - that'll get you a mild eye roll from the muse. You should have experience with the platform.
    • Docker - deploying and using containers and an understanding of how to deploy and develop.
    • Node/VueJS
    • The usual ColdFusion things - writing secure code for the DB, sanitizing user inputs, familiarity with frameworks, scoping, and code organization etc.
    Some AWS knowledge will be helpful as well, but we have a full-time AWS team so don't sweat that one too much.


    Job 3 - the Fireman

    FYI we are almost always looking for this person. You should be a genuine CF expert and a 5 star problem solver who loves to dig in and fix things, save customers from disaster, and enjoy the plaudits and wonderment of your peers as you save their bacon on a daily or at least monthly basis. Ok I'm probably overselling it, but we do need that ColdFusion Jack-of-all-trades. If you like to have your fingers in multiple projects and you like engaging with several teams on different levels then this may suit you. Some more info:

    • Confident switching enviornments - CF versions, platforms, frameworks, JS libraries, DB platforms etc. You know you can figure it out.
    • Front end expertise - you can take a design template and implement it - maybe even fiddle with a PSD file. Bootstrap and jquery are in there too - the ubiquitous front end tech we see everywhere.
    • Strong CSS skills would be so so helpful here - you are the answer to the question, "can anyone fix my dynamic width problem?"
    • Expertise with any or all of:
      • Mura
      • Coldbox
      • Commandbox
      • Fw/1
      • Commonspot
      • extJS (modern)
      • DBs other than MSSQL - MySQL, Oracle, PostGresSQL etc.
    We have lots of clients with ever-changing needs, and this position will bring constant new clients and constant new challenges (and an opportunity add new technologies to your tool belt!), as well as high interaction with the CFWT team.


    One more note on the job 3 post. CFWT has been lacking in this area since we lost CF giant, Wil Genovese. He passed away last December and we miss him dearly. If you feel like you have his abilities and (especially) if you like to write blog posts, help the community, and rise to the level of CF Guru (if you are not already there - looking at you Charlie), I would entertain a special position on our staff. I've been searching for this person for some time. Maybe it is you!

    MVC Razor

    We have an opportunity to take on a long-term partnership with a new product that uses MVC razor in the stack. While CFWT checks a lot of boxes already, this is one we still have to find. It's .NET using C#. This is for a well-funded version 1.0 product with great prospects that already has a user base. We expect it to fly quickly. So you could be a key player in a new leg of business for CFWT. If you have .NET C# experience give me a shout - even if it's ancillary to your core skill set. We can perhaps find a way to make it work.

    Contacting the Muse

    If you want to take a shot send your resume to or call (402) 408-3733 ext 105 and ask for the Muse. If my exec assistant Rachel gives you a blank look (or sound) don't worry, she calls me Mark around the office so she may not know what you mean. Meanwhile, I look forward to hearing from you!



    Full Time Systems Administrator

    CF Webtools continues to grow and is looking to hire a full-time, experienced, Systems Administrator. This position provides challenges every hour of every day. We are looking for the self-starter who enjoys learning and expanding your talent. The office located at 11204 Davenport St in Omaha, NE and you may work from the office or remotely. Contact to apply. 


    CF Webtools is a website development company that specialized in Adobe ColdFusion Web Applications. Our primary focus is Windows based IIS webservers running Adobe ColdFusion and Microsoft SQL Server and is ever expanding into Linux and MySQL with other cloud-based technologies. 

     We are a family-friendly organization with under 40 staff. Our core values are a can-do attitude, community, communication, and competency. We deal in legacy to bleeding-edge systems. 


    We are seeking someone who is experienced in Linux who has JVM, Tomcat, or ColdFusion administration knowledge. We are also open to someone who is highly motivated to become experienced in these technologies. We use primarily CentOS, Amazon Linux, and Ubuntu for Linux along with Windows Server. Bonus areas include VMware, AWS, networking, WordPress, SVN, GIT, SOLR, Microsoft SQL Server, and MySQL. 


    You will join a team of three in the Operations Group. Your role will be to support both customer and internal infrastructure that, for the most part, serve websites. 

     You will build and maintain mostly virtual (remote) Windows and Linux servers. These servers will range from NOC (Network Operation Center) to Web and SQL Production server instances and some beyond that scope. That and everything in between including maintaining and configuring the services and applications located on these instances. Much of your tasks will require you to research, troubleshoot, and apply knowledge. 

     You also must not be code shy. You will need to learn and know the basics of the ColdFusion language (CFML), HTML, JavaScript, and CSS. In addition, you may be required to learn some other languages such as Python and PowerShell scripting. 

     Within one year, you will be required to obtain an AWS associate level certification. Individual learning time to acquire this certification will be done on personal time, while interactive experience is acquired during your projects. 


    You will work with the Operations Team within CF Webtools. This team will help you find the right direction for any questions you may have. While most of the projects you will take on will be solo, team communication is important to provide consistency and minimize service disruption. Our primary method of communication is Microsoft Teams followed by emails. The director and a sys admin live in Omaha while another sys admin lives out of state. Both sys admins work remote. 


    Your schedule is flexible, due to the nature of the position, but is based around 8AM to 5PM, your local time. Odd-hour migrations and troubleshooting, while not common, is normal. You will be on-call during weekends and holidays, based upon a rotating schedule of your other team members. This may increase or decrease in frequency. You will also need to be able to respond to alerts every weekday. These types of incidents occur more often but are typically handled within minutes and you share responsibility with the team. 


    If you work remote, you will provide and use your own equipment sufficient to be efficient in your daily activities. Personal programs and accounts on the same equipment are accepted, however your work programs and accounts take priority. 

     Sample Tasks 


    1. New private GIT repository. Research and presenting top solutions. 

    1. OS and application upgrades. 

    1. Normalizing and maintain backups. 

    1. VMware ESXI upgrade. 

    1. Investigate and resolve hardware warnings. 

    1. Configure and troubleshoot VPN client and tunnel connections. 

    1. Connect directly with clients to complete a project or troubleshoot an issue. 

    1. Configure IIS, Apache, and Nginx websites 

    1. Configure, tune, and troubleshoot primarily ColdFusion application servers with some WordPress 

    1. Configure, tune, and troubleshoot Microsoft SQL Server and MySQL database servers 


To Apply for any of the jobs listed please email a resume to or call 402-408-3733 extension 126.