Wil Genovese - Chief Systems Architect

Our friend and colleague Wil passed away a few days ago after a hard-fought battle with cancer. Wil worked for CF Webtools for almost 10 years. His devotion and expertise are irreplaceable. He has posted on this blog frequently and was a frequent writer on his own excellent blog at Trunkful.com. His role here was as a senior architect and knowledge expert. His influence was felt throughout our staff.

CF Webtools is a company built on people and a certain culture. We have 4 core values that are a part of our DNA as a company - Caring, Competence, Communication, and a Can-do spirit. Despite the alliteration, these are not "aspirations". They are what make us tick from the top down. Wil exemplified all these attributes in our company. He cared about our customers and his co-workers. He was excellent at communicating his wealth of knowledge - indeed, probably half of the entries in our large internal Wiki were written by Wil. I trusted him to handle a sticky problem and find a solution. When it came to solving problems, Wil had determination. He was stubborn! And he thought around corners in a way that always reminded me of me.

As a man, Wil was larger than life. He was funny, affable, and generous with his time. He loved cigars, good food, good bourbon, and his jeep. He was gentle with big-hearted self-effacing humor that always made us smile.

He died too young, but during the time we knew him, he lived well - loving and honoring those around him, building friendships, and adding joy to those he knew. May the same be said of all of us. We at CF Webtools will miss him dearly.