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You can make $1000 dollars by dropping names!

The Scoop

  • Bring us any sort of work - small, large, one-off, rehost, migration - anything!
  • If we make a sale you get a check for $500!
  • If it turns into 150 hours or more you get an additional $500

That's a pretty good payday for just knowing someone.


We know it's a risk so besides the money we pledge to make you proud. We will work hard to make you glad you sent someone our way!



What if it's just a small project?

Call us - almost anything counts!

What if I don't know the customer very well?

Call us - we are not asking you to sell our services for us. We are just looking for a name. Your level of involvement is up to you.

What if I had a bad experience with the customer I am referring?

Call us - we specialize in handling ticklish situations without throwing developers under the bus.

What if I don't want you to mention my name?

Call us - no problem.

What if I bring you a whale?

Call us - let's make a deal. If you bring us a customer that results in a great many hours we are happy to negotiate further bonuses. 

Do you do things other than ColdFusion?

Call us - while we are well known for ColdFusion, with 30 developers we have a very broad skill set. We also do a lot of operations and management work as well as cloud management on AWS. Call us and find out if we fit. Some examples:


  • Legacy code - we maintain legacy code that others shy away from.
  • New Projects - Yes we do greeenfield!
  • Niche Maintenance - Handling a specific part of a stack so a larger team can move in another direction.
  • Soup To Nuts - we serve as the entire IT team for a number of customers.
  • Backlogs - Some customers use us to ramp up or clear the decks when they have a lot of work, but they don't want to hire additional in-house people. 
  • Small Potatoes - We have small customers and we love them just the same. Folks that do a few hours here and there are okey dokey with us.
  • Cloud Management - we handle a number of stacks on the Amazon cloud for customers and we have a dedicated operations group. 
  • Migration - We handle migrations from one version to the next, from old to new hardware, from one sort of database to another etc. 


I'm sold - how do I do it?
  • Call Tom Long at (402) 408-3733 ext 104 or...
  • Email your lead with as much information as you wish to

Before we call or email your lead we will contact you via email (or phone or carrier pigeon, whatever you prefer) and discuss the details and how to move forward. Our approach can involve you directly or we can leave you out of it - it's totally up to you.

We'll look to glean any information that can help us be of benefit to the prospective customer. Just reach out and let our staff do the rest. Easy right?